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    Here on Maui the Department of Transportation stopped using Roundup two years ago, replacing this herbicide with Avenger. This is an organic herbicide made from orange oil that is approved by the EPA and allowed in Hawaii. We are trying to educate everyone here on this tiny island to stop using Glyphosate and use alternative methods that are safe for the environment and the Aina.

    A large group of Landscapers and hotels continue to use this product without reading the 4 hours re-entry violation written on the MSDS, exposing everyone to the chemical. The Park and Recreation Department are heavy users of this product. DLNR are also heavy users. We have documentation that are are spraying around children and in area that contaminate our reefs. The County of Maui has yet to stop using this product knowing that it is dangerous to the public. Education is the key, and we are trying very hard to get the word out and convince them to change the procedures they have been doing for so long. Make them understand how fragile this environment is and we need to start thinking about protecting it at all costs. We have Monsanto doing experimental testing here on Maui, exposing the surrounding homes with multiple spray schedules, stacking toxic chemicals and not thinking twice about the thousands of people here on the islands that are getting sick from the exposure. Education is the key, and we need as much help as we can possible get from everyone here in Hawaii and those who want to see Hawaii as the picture perfect Paradise from around the world. Our government protects large corporations and allows them to use Hawaii for profit. We have to introduce Stewardship into the minds of everyone who lives here. We have to protect and defend this tiny land mass from the constant bombardment of pesticides that are being used by everyone. Our reefs are dying and the soil in contaminated by atrazine, 2,4D, roundup, coal ash, mercury, polado, arsenic and so many others that are imported into Hawaii without any thought about how this will end for Paradise as we once knew it to be. Our native birds are almost extinct, the fish on our reefs are disappearing, the water we drink is contaminated with pesticides.

    We are trying to make a difference, but we need a lot of help.

    Thank you for listening,

    Jackie in Kihei

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