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    Thank you for all the work you do and for the incredible wealth of information on your website. I have known about NCAP for decades and I with others here in CG are working to get South Lane School District to stop spraying herbicides in the spring. I’m raising holy hell so to speak! We worked on educating the district staff last spring after applications were made and now we are doing our best to make sure it doesn’t happen again this spring!!!!! I have downloaded and printed info on 2,4,D Glyphosate and Dicamba. This will help our argument for safe alternatives. District staff need “suggestions” of safe alternatives. Industrial strength vinegar is on this list of alternatives. Mechanical methods of course are effective but have been explained as “uneconomical and impractical” due to lack of “manpower available”. (This is where I want to gnash my teeth! ( – : ) I am going to look further on your site for ALTERNATIVES.

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