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  • commented on NCAP's Statement About the Zika Virus 2016-04-30 19:46:12 -0700
    I was distressed by the “IPM strategies to reduce mosquito populations” section under the “Additional Information and Resources”. Although it mentions the rational actions to reduce mosquito breeding grounds and using repellents, when it comes to using insecticides for killing adult mosquitoes, it does not stress the hazards, ineffectiveness and stupidity of using pesticide sprays and fogs. Pesticide sprays are not effective since they only kill a fraction of adults targeted even though the public perception is that all, and only, mosquitoes are being killed. But, they do kill all sorts of non-target and beneficial insects and animals that eat these poisoned insects, throwing nature out of balance without solving the problem. Forget keeping poisons off of flowers to protect bees when you are killing them for days outright in the air with indescriminent broadcast spraying. These pesticide sprays also dose us humans that breathe them, worsening asthma and causing other health problems.
    It must be stressed that spraying is ineffective to avoid the knee jerk reaction to spray. Every news report of the foreign countries shows people in moon-suits with respirators fogging down every possible building as if this was the very next obvious step to be taken here in the US. The pesticide companies are preparing their trucks to carry their money to the bank knowing that the public is being wooed into this folly. Hundreds of thousands of people die each year from flu, and yet, we are being prepared to dose ourselves with poisons, that are ineffective, to try to avoid a fraction of these deaths. Microencephaly is a horrible malady and should be dealt with in a rational manner. However, after we kill the environment with sprays, and we see again, time after time, that this did not even work, we will remind ourselves that we need to focus on solutions that actually work.