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    Pesticide-Free Pledge


    Pesticides are agents (including insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides) that are designed to kill living organisms. But they don't just kill the "pest," they can harm other creatures too. Many common chemical pesticides are dangerous and can cause ill health effects in people, pets and wildlife when exposure occurs. Over time, repeated or severe exposures can lead to serious illnesses, cancer, and birth defects.

    Take the Pesticide-Free Pledge to keep your home, yard and garden free from toxic pesticides!

    Most issues that you encounter in your home, yard or garden can be avoided or solved using ecological alternatives. That means being pesticide-free isn't just better for the environment, it's also easy! So take the Pesticide-Free Pledge and help us reach our first goal of 5,000 pledges!

    "To help protect the environment, my health, and the health of others, I pledge to avoid using pesticides in my home, yard and garden."


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    Ladybug Lovely Program

    Did you know that a lovely (or loveliness) is the collective noun for ladybugs? Our Ladybug Lovely is a group of essential members who provide automatic contributions each month throughout the year. With a monthly gift you’ll know you are among our most critical supporters by providing NCAP with consistent resources. The Ladybug Lovely is the backbone of our support because it provides us with a dependable source of revenue which enables NCAP to work harder to protect the health of people and the environment. 

    Becoming part of the Ladybug Lovely is easy and appreciated! Set up your monthly donation via credit card here, or contact us at 541-344-5044 to set up automatic payment through a checking account. 

    Ladybug Lovely Members Receive:

    • A tax-deductible gift in the amount you specify will be automatically charged to your credit card each month.
    • A record of your gifts will appear on your credit card each month.
    • We will provide a summary statement at the end of the year showing your total giving, which you can use for tax purposes.
    • You will not receive additional fundraising appeals.
    • You will still receive timely emails and action alerts, including the NCAP Action News.
    • Your membership will be automatically renewed each year.
    • You may increase or discontinue your monthly contribution at any time by calling us at 541-344-5044.
    • You can help NCAP protect the health of people and the environment everyday!