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  • commented on Pesticide Factsheets 2016-07-12 19:52:21 -0700
    People of any age with asthma or other chronic diseases may be more likely than healthy individuals to get sick after pesticide exposure. Some individuals are also more sensitive to the odor or other irritant effects of certain pesticides. #reducepesticide #savetheworld

  • commented on TAKE ACTION 2016-07-08 15:21:14 -0700
    A recent study of the status of pollinators in North America by the National Academy of Sciences found that populations of honey bees (which are not native to North America) and some wild pollinators are declining. Declines in wild pollinators may be a result of habitat loss and degradation, while declines in managed bees is linked to disease (introduced parasites and pathogens). #savethebees