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  • commented on Noxious Weeds at Azure Standard Farm 2017-05-24 10:25:23 -0700
    IMHO, the reason non-organic farms have a weed problem is that the weeds have become immune to the voluminous amounts of herbicides (especially RoundUp) that have been sprayed on them over the years. That is a known problem in every state in the union that has farming, not just Oregon. This REEKS of some big-wig getting a payoff from Monsanto to force this so that it can once again try to destroy organic farming. It has already tried to sneak through legislation in Congress that basically found organic farming, even in your back yard, to be illegal. When will they stop trying to destroy us? This psychopathic campaign that Monsanto has against organic and non-GMO farmers has to stop! They will not be happy until we are all dead.