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    Hi, I Live in Eugene and have been really bothered by the use of pesticides and herbicides in our community. I would like to approach local businesses and let them know that their patrons do not support the use of these chemicals. Do you have information packets that I could give to these businesses? I would like to show them both 1. why its important to stop poisoning the earth and 2. what they can do instead. I can print some of your sheets from the website, but I’d like to know if you have packets available to help businesses transition out of the use of pesticides and herbicides. I could really use some help from our community in voicing this request to every single business that we frequent. Together we can speak up, and show the industries around us that they will lose patronage if they do not make these crucial changes.

    I am also really bothered by my neighbors choosing to use chemicals on their lawns and gardens. I do not know how to tactfully approach them without making them feeling heavily blamed and criticized by me. I wish there was a better community outreach program to reach these people who don’t really seem to understand the impact of what they are doing.

    Thank you so much! Margaret

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    Pesticide-Free Pledge


    Pesticides are agents (including insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides) that are designed to kill living organisms. But they don't just kill the "pest," they can harm other creatures too. Many common chemical pesticides are dangerous and can cause ill health effects in people, pets and wildlife when exposure occurs. Over time, repeated or severe exposures can lead to serious illnesses, cancer, and birth defects.

    Take the Pesticide-Free Pledge to keep your home, yard and garden free from toxic pesticides!

    Most issues that you encounter in your home, yard or garden can be avoided or solved using ecological alternatives. That means being pesticide-free isn't just better for the environment, it's also easy! So take the Pesticide-Free Pledge and help us reach our first goal of 5,000 pledges!

    "To help protect the environment, my health, and the health of others, I pledge to avoid using pesticides in my home, yard and garden."