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Healthy Water and Wildlife

All living things need clean water. That's why we work to protect Northwest waterways, and all who depend on them, from harm caused by pesticides.

Our efforts to protect waterways and wildlife from pesticides are currently focused on projects that will help restore endangered fish populations, protect pollinators like bees, and achieve stronger federal regulation and monitoring of pesticides that could potentially cause harm.

Such projects include on-the-ground training to help farmers reduce and eliminate pesticide uses that could harm wildlife. They also include litigation to address loopholes and inconsistencies in how pesticides are reviewed and registered.

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Protecting Bees and other Pollinators

Pesticides and Salmon

Salmon are a vital and historic part of ecology, food and culture throughout the Northwest. Sadly, their once thriving populations have dwindled dramatically due to many environmental factors, including pesticides.

Recent studies conducted by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) have concluded that pesticides are putting endangered and threatened salmon in jeopardy.

 Fisheries Service Determines 3 Pesticides that Harm Salmon

Final Comments on NMFS' 5th Biological Opinion

Brief Summary of the Risks Found in NMFS' 5th Biological Opinion

Regulations Aren't Working

Current regulations are inadequate to protect the waters that support threatened and endangered salmon and steelhead from pesticides. The National Marine Fisheries Service includes pesticide contamination as a major factor in the decline of salmon runs in many of the west’s once-abundant salmon producing rivers. Still, for more than two decades the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has failed to meet its Endangered Species Act (ESA) responsibility to ensure the pesticides it regulates don’t harm salmon.

EPA Regulatory Failings Exposed in Recent Pesticide Review

Holding Government & Industries Accountable

Unwilling to wait for EPA to act, NCAP initiated lawsuits prompting EPA to fulfill basic ESA responsibilities to keep harmful pesticides out of salmon waters. Our persistence over the last decade is paying off...albeit slowly.

NCAP and allies got the NMFS to prescribe new protections for endangered salmon populations, but pesticide manufacturers are aggressively working in the courts to stall the cases and halt the implementation of these protections.