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  • commented on Prevent and Treat Moss on Roofs 2018-03-05 10:30:02 -0800
    Thanks for the question Lon! Copper impairs the sense of smell for salmon, at fairly low concentrations. Smelling is how they imprint on their natal streams and find their way home after their ocean migrations, so we don’t recommend the use of copper on roofs.

  • commented on Water is the Connection 2017-09-06 16:14:06 -0700
    Hello Fritzi, thanks for the comment! The pesticides chosen for the factsheets are ones most prominently detected in the Willamette Basin that have viable alternatives available. The longer publication discusses additional pesticides as well as concerns with combinations. Synergistic effects are often much greater than additive effects!

    From the publication:
    “Understanding the combined toxic effect of multiple pesticides in streams (mixtures) is an evolving area of toxicology…A review authored by Nina Cedergreen tested 136 pesticide binary mixtures (two pesticides combined) and reported that concentration addition explained toxic effects in the vast majority of combinations. Synergism (defined as a multiplicative, or enhanced, effect) explained toxic effects in 7% of combinations studied. Synergistic effects could reach 10 times the effect of additive effects.”

  • commented on Clean Water for Salmon 2017-09-05 15:33:14 -0700
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and concerns Mark. We will take them into consideration during our next strategic planning session.