Heirloom Corn Project


Idaho is experiencing new demand for heirloom, organically grown corn, and producer interest in trialing such varieties has blossomed. Producers anticipate benefits including crop diversification, a low-input rotation, diversified income, and suitability for the arid climate. NCAP, in collaboration with Snake River Seed Cooperative, will assist local farmers in meeting the growing demand for heirloom corn by trialing varieties in partnership with local farmers. See our timeline of the events below and watch our video about this a-maizing opportunity for farmers!

After watching the video, we would love if you could give us some input by answering a few questions:

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Interested in partnering with us? Contact Jade at jflorence@pesticide.org. 

Quotes from partners:

"The way I see it is- this restaurant is looking at ways to preserve biodiversity and promoting biodiversity, and it gives us the chance as eaters.. [to].. come in and have some small taste of what’s possible when we preserve biodiversity in seeds, and we grow food in a responsible way that can feed people and earth at the same time." -Casey O'Leary, Farmer, Snake River Seed Cooperative

"Our initial goal was to, was to create masa that is from home here using heirloom varieties of corn we could get from local farmers. It just seemed like a natural product to be able to get from home. I think that it has grown into something more than that." -Dave Krick, Owner, Diablo & Sons



Project Partners: 

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