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  • commented on Water is the Connection 2017-08-29 12:53:36 -0700
    This looks like a worthy publication, however, I do have a comment regarding the listing of insecticides and herbicides.
    I’m wondering if you are mentioning that in addition to the chemicals you are mentioning there are many many more
    that perhaps have not been adequately investigated. USGS has found biocide residues in most if not all of our rivers and streams in the United States,
    glyphosate is high among those detected. Also since the synergism between all of these chemicals is never taken into consideration, its important to point
    out that the list that you publish, simply the tip of the iceberg.

  • commented on More Nurseries Support Pollinators 2017-03-24 14:23:48 -0700
    I am totally against the use of pesticides not just the neonics. But I think its time for people who care about bees to realize that
    bees like alot of non-natives eg purple loosestrife, japanese knotweed, and I’ve heard even scotchbroom. So its time to realize that
    bees don’t care whether the plant they like is native or non-native. You have to also realize that the zenophobia about non-native plants can lead to more and more pesticide use. So lets use our common sense, and realize that when you simply even mention that
    people should only use native plants, you are not helping the bees.