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Your support is needed to realize our common vision of protecting people and the environment by advancing alternatives to pesticides.

As you may know, more than 1 billion pounds of pesticides are intentionally applied every year in the country and research has shown that pesticides have adverse health effects, including birth defects, cancer, and injury to reproductive organs. Your gift is critical and will provide NCAP support to make on-the-ground changes starting with schools, homes and parks. Your membership gift will give NCAP critical resources to reduce pesticides and increase healthy alternative solutions.

By becoming a member or gifting a membership to a friend or family member, you can help us create healthy places for us all to live, learn and play. Add your voice today join us in this effort!

We also highly encourage you to become part of our Ladybug Lovely by pledging a monthly amount which provides us with a dependable source of revenue.

Become a member using our secure online form

or call us at 541-344-5044 ext 17.

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Ladybug Join the Ladybug Lovely

Our Ladybug Lovely is so important to our work.  Our Ladybug Lovely is made up of a special group of members that agree to make on-going credit card or electronic fund transfer donations on a monthly basis to help advance alternatives to pesticides. 

The Ladybug Lovely is the backbone of our support because it provides us with a dependable source of revenue which will enable NCAP to work harder to protect the health of people and the environment. 

Becoming part of the Ladybug Lovely is easy and appreciated!

As a member of the Ladybug Lovely:

  • A tax-deductible gift in the amount you specify will be automatically charged to your credit card or taken from your bank account each month.
  • A record of your gifts will appear on your credit card or bank statement each month.
  • We will provide a summary statement at the end of the year showing your total giving, which you can use for tax purposes.
  • You will not receive additional fundraising appeals.
  • You will still receive timely emails and action alerts, including the NCAP Action News.
  • Your membership will be automatically renewed each year.
  • You may increase or discontinue your monthly contribution at any time by calling us at 541-344-5044.
  • You can help NCAP protect the health of people and the environment everyday!

Become a member of the Ladybug Lovely today!


Ladybug Give Through Your Work

NCAP is a proud member of EarthShare of Oregon, a federation of America's leading non-profit conservation organizations, working to promote environmental awareness and charitable giving.  If your place of work is part of Earthshare of Oregon, as an employee you can choose to give from your workplace. 

Even if your workplace is not part of Earthshare of Oregon, your employer may match charitable contributions.  When you give a donation to NCAP be sure to check in with your human resource office to see if your employer does matching gifts.

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