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Journal of Pesticide Reform

JPR ImageThe Journal of Pesticide Reform is no longer being published, but you can check out archived articles below.  Full Journal issues coming soon!

Articles about Taking Action and Gaining Skills

Articles about Basic Pesticide Information

Articles about School and Children

Articles about Food and Farming


check  Articles About Taking Action and Gaining Skills 

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Creating Productive and Innovative Committees

Committee Dynamics:  Build a Dynamic Committee

Photographing a Spray Incident

Stopping a Timber Company’s Spray Project

Writing an Effective Letter to the Editor

Information Please!  Notification and Posting of Urban Pesticide Applications

Taking Action About West Nile Virus

Changing Roadside Spray Policies

Effective Meetings with Elected Officials

Pesticides in Rentals and Condos

Tips for Effective Public Speaking

Good Meetings Don’t Happen By Accident

Seven Steps Towards Successful Negotiation

Ten Steps to Healthy Pest Management in Your Community

Reducing Pesticide Use in the Netherlands

Contracting for Pesticide Services

Ventilation after Indoor Treatments

You’ve Been Sprayed What Can you Do?


check  Articles about Basic Pesticide Information

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Are Pesticides Hazardous to our Health? 

Identifying Pesticide Ingredients Using an Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Pesticide Labels?  Where Can I get One?  Are they Useful?

Pesticides and Male Fertility

Hazards of Manufacturing and Transporting Pesticides

Pollution’s Legacy in our Backyard:  Wildlife

ABC’s of Toxicology:  Basic Definitions

Pesticides on Golf Courses

Pesticide Drift

Does Government Registration Mean pesticides are Safe?

Do Pesticides Contaminate our Rivers, Streams and Wells?

ABC’s of Toxicology Part 2:  Dose and Response

Pesticides and Birds

What is a Pesticide?

Pesticide Regulation:  No Guarentee of Safety

Are Inert Ingredients in Pesticides Really Benign?


check  Articles About Schools and Children

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Natural Landscaping Weans Schools of Pesticides

“Hot” New Tools

Doctors Recommend Pesticide Use Only as Last Resort in Schools

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way:  School Pesticide Reduction

Pesticides and Children:  Jimmy and Jane’s Day

Do Pesticides Pose Special Hazards to Children?

Healthy Lunches, Healthy Farms, Healthy Children


check  Articles about Farming and Food

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Organic Farming:  Not just healthy food, but also healthy plants

Connecting through local foods:  an Idaho Conference

Major Overhaul of Organic Standards Needed

USDA Responds to Grassroots Call for Changes to Organic Standards, But…

Innovative Cropping Systems Can Replace Hazardous Pesticides

Potato Grower Successfully Replaces Fumigant with Green Manure Crop

Idaho Poultry Workshop

Free to Explore:  A Tour of Two Organic Farms

Another Successful Harvest for NCAP’s Potato project

Pursuing the Win-Win Strategy with Farmers

Pesticides and Food:  Towards Healthy Eating!

Farmworkers:  Working with poisons on the farm

Biotechnology and Agricultural Pesticide Use

A Pattern of Indifference Towards Farmworker Safety