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Sustainable Agriculture Publications and Reports

check Certified Organic Production:  The Experiences and Perspectives of Idaho Farmers


NCAP, in collaboration with Washington State University researcher Jessica Goldberger, conducted a survey of Idaho's certified organic producers in the winter of 2009/2010. 

Download the Summary Report

Download the Full Survey Results

Download the Regional Differences Summary Report

check  Digging for Alternatives: Analysis of Potato Pest Management Research at Two Northwest Land Grant Universities  

Researchers from the University of Idaho and Washington State University were interviewed to assess the status of potato pest management research at these land grant universities. Two-thirds of researchers studied integrated pest management strategies, but few studied non-pesticide controls.   Download the Report


check  Implementing Mustard Green Manure Crops on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation

NCAP worked with the Shoshone Bannock Tribes and potato growers on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation in eastern Idaho to implement mustard green manures as an alternative to fumigant use.  Download the Report


check  Pest Management Strategic Plan for Organic Potato Production in the West

NCAP, along with project partners, convened organic potato farmers, university researchers, and other leaders in organic potato production to identify pest management practices and research, education, and regulatory needs for organic potato production in the West. The findings were summarized in this document and published online by the US Department of Agriculture.  Download the Report


check  Organic Potato Market Summer 2007

NCAP, in collaboration with the University of Idaho and Potato Growers of Idaho, conducted a survey of organic potato buyers and farmers to determine the opportunities for growth of the Idaho organic potato market.  Download the Report


check  Organic Potato Update Summer 2009

To support expansion of organic potato production in Idaho, NCAP shared the following information with growers: an assessment of the organic russet marketing challenges by the Potato Growers of Idaho, the 2008 organic potato fertility and variety trial by the University of Idaho, the organic potato pest management strategic plan, and an update of the organic potato buyer survey by the University of Idaho.  Download the Report



Potatoes are the most pesticide intensive crop grown in the Northwest. This publication highlights the importance of diverse crop rotations and green manures in reducing pesticide use.  Download the Report


check  Tracking Progress: Alternatives to Pesticides on the Farm

NCAP and partner organizations in the Oregon Pesticide Education Network (OPEN) reviewed Oregon pesticide use estimates, examined the status of alternative pest strategies, and recommended future directions to expand the use of alternatives to pesticides in Oregon.  Download the Report


check  Organic Idaho - NCAP Newsletter

NCAP shares information on farm bill programs, crop insurance, organic research projects, and our educational field days and workshops with organic producers in Idaho. This newsletter is supported by the USDA Risk Management Agency.

Organic Idaho - October 2010

Organic Idaho - June 2010

Organic Idaho - February 2010


check  Farmer Exchange - NCAP Newsletter

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