Freedom Disappears Under The Dominance Of A Bad Habit

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  • commented on Tent Caterpillars & Web Worms 2016-05-01 20:32:43 -0700
    If Bt doesn’t have sufficient data indicating it’s ability to be used safely around humans, then why are they spraying the Chemical Industries unproven products containing Bt whenever they deem. Of course they DO know that Bt kills caterpillars (I.e. Monarch, Swallowtail…future butterflies) and earthworms and continue their assault to control insect infestation and the general publics wallets. A sad thing to admit to , but a lot of the insect issues today are man-made due to unsustainable practices and inflated lifestyles. Nonetheless, how can you expose people to something that you can omly assume is safe and do it in a ‘matter of fact’ fashion. When will this government say NO to the lobbyists running amok around Capitol Hill and looting the American public of their health, rights and tax dollars. It’s absolutely criminal how they carry on in politics and business in this country with little or no regard to very people who voted for them or bought their slick misleading advertised products. You can’t eat money and you need the ecosystem that you are destroying with chemicals/organisms to grow food. Harmony is achieved through balance, not greed.