Organic Farming Conference 2017


NCAP is excited to announce our 2017 Organic Farming Conference!
The conference will be held at Canyon Crest Event Center, 330 Canyon Crest Drive, Twin Falls, ID 83301

Wednesday, February 8 - Farming With Beneficial Insects and Pollinators

8:00 am     Check-in

8:30 am     Greetings and Introduction
9:00 am     Role and value of pollinators and beneficial insects
   What is conservation biological control (CBC)?
   Basic bee biology
   Understanding and recognizing beneficial insects
   Farm practices to support pollinators and protect nesting area
   Designing and restoring habitat
12:45 pm Organic, seasonal, locally-sourced lunch
1:30 pm    Idaho resources for growers: financial and technical
   Implementation case studies
3:00 pm     Breakout groups: applying what you’ve learned so far on your farm!
4:00 pm     Additional Resources
5:00 pm     Conclude
6:00 pm     Optional Networking Dinner at Elevation 486
Are you interested in making your farm more attractive to pollinators and natural enemies of crop pests? Wednesday's agenda includes a unique opportunity to use your farm as a case study! We will utilize the power of collective brain-storming during the course to design pollinator and beneficial insect habitat plans for a number of farms. If you would like one of those farms to be yours, please download this form and submit it via email as instructed in the form.

Thursday, February 9 - Organic Grain Production

We’ll celebrate the successes and address the challenges of organic transition and production through the lens of the burgeoning organic grain industry of southern Idaho. Information covered will be applicable to all production systems.

8:00 am     Check-in

8:30 am     Greetings and Introduction
9:00 am     Research Presentations: Nitrogen, weed management and more!
12:00 pm Organic, seasonal, locally-sourced lunch
1:00 pm     Organic certification for new and experienced organic growers
1:40 pm     Crop insurance
2:00 pm     Farmer Panel + Farmer Exchange
3:45 pm     Building a stronger local food economy with buyers
5:00 pm     Conclude 

Questions? Contact Jade Florence:, 541.344.5044 x 33 

Nearby Hotels in Twin Falls

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Fairfield Inn  

La Quinta   

(208) 733-8500
1741 Harrison St N
Includes breakfast, wifi
$169 + tax/ $177 + tax per night
(208) 734-8444
1788 Washington St N
Includes breakfast, wifi
$119-$154 + tax per night
(208) 736-9600
539 Pole Line Road
Includes breakfast, wifi
$100 + tax per night

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