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Idaho Field Days

By David Sparks
Idaho Agribusiness Today

A September 4 field day will feature the use of induced resistance as part of an IPM program for disease management in potatoes.

The University of Idaho, Certis and the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides invite growers and crop consultants to attend a tour of trials at the University of Idaho Aberdeen Research & Extension Center. The field day will feature trials of Bacillus mycoides isolate J (BmJ), a naturally occurring soil bacterium. It was discovered in sugar beets, where it induced the defense response system without causing disease. Since then, BmJ has been shown to induce disease resistance in a variety of crops.Here’s spokeperson Jennifer Miller: “Phil Wharton, University of Idaho plant pathologist, will provide a tour of his potato disease trials. Plants have a natural ability to fight off disease but sometimes they get overcome by too much or the timing isn’t quite right when the pathogen comes in. By knowingly particular disease is going to be present, we can apply this bio pesticide ahead of that and then there is enough time for these changes that have to happen within the plant to appear in order to manage the disease.

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