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Shanik opening takeout market — and taking reservations - Oct 14, 2013 - Seattle Times
Dhalwala and co-owner Oguz Istif plan to host benefit dinners every two months or so. The first one, scheduled for Nov. 17 and already sold out, will be a 5-course meal to fight colony collapse disorder among bees. Proceeds will go to Seattle’s Pollinator Pathway and the Northwest Center for Alternatives for Pesticides.
Organic Growers Encouraged to Grow Their Own Seed - Sep 16, 2013 - Capital Press
Workshops being held in Idaho, Oregon and Washington are encouraging organic farmers to grow their own seed. The workshops cover the challenges and benefits organic producers face when growing their own seed.
Biological pesticide release delayed by bee testing - Sep 05, 2013 - Capital Press
A new biological pesticide holds promise for protecting a variety of crops from fungi, bacteria and viruses. The release of the product, BmJ, has been delayed at least a year by new EPA testing requirements to protect bees from colony collapse.
Idaho Field Days - Sep 03, 2013 - Idaho Agribusiness Today
A September 4 field day will feature the use of induced resistance as part of an IPM program for disease management in potatoes.
Proposed Rules Will Impact Idaho Growers - Aug 04, 2013 - The Times-News
No one wants to see their customers get sick from eating fruits or vegetables that have been grown on their farms. Yet every year one in six Americans gets sick from a food-borne illness.
NRCS chose several projects to fund this year: In Nez Perce, Idaho, the Lewis Soil and Water Conservation District received funding to demonstrate how cover crops hold nutrients in the soil. Five Lewis County farmers will plant cover crop seeding plots to evaluate soil microbial activity before and after the cover crops using soil tests.
Legislation to restrict pesticide use proposed by Rep. Blumenauer - Jul 12, 2013 - The Oregonian
Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., introduced The Save American Pollinators Act today at a small nursery in Northeast Portland.
Food Tour Takes Boiseans to Gem County Organic Farms - Jun 29, 2013 - Boise Weekly
Locally grown, organic delicacies: They're not just for vegans anymore.
Organic Farm Tours Highlight Idaho Producers - Jun 28, 2013 - Capital Press
The Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides will host farm tours in Idaho in July.
Merkley Takes Stand Against Monsanto - May 23, 2013 - Eugene Weekly
Oregon’s Sen. Jeff Merkley has joined the march against Monsanto, in the U.S. Senate anyway. While Eugeneans plan their May 25 rally against chemical giant Monsanto here in Lane County, Merkley has taken a stand against loopholes and secret provisions aiding the biotech company in Congress.
Pediatrics group cautions against pesticide use in homes and gardens - Apr 17, 2013 - The Oregonian
Last November, as gardeners tucked bulbs in the ground and perused seed catalogs, anticipating this spring's growing season, the nation's leading pediatricians considered it, too.
Funding restored for 2013 CSP enrollments - Apr 16, 2013 - Capital Press
The recent continuing resolution erases any concerns about funding being available for this year, said Jennifer Miller, a sustainable agriculture associate with the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides.
The Monarch Butterfly Decline, and What You Can Do About It - Apr 04, 2013 - Cool Green Science: The Science Blog of the Nature Conservancy
For the past month, monarch butterflies have caused a lot of buzz in both the news and in conservation circles. The reason: a report published by the World Wildlife Fund and others that documented a 59 percent decline in monarch populations this year.
Defendants: Case has been productive; pesticides need regulated - Mar 06, 2013 - Farm World
Although disappointed in the appeals court ruling regarding pesticides and salmon, the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides’ (NCAP) Aimee Code believes her group’s lawsuit has been productive.
Workshop to address post harvest handling and food safety - Feb 13, 2013 - Ag Weekly
The workshop is presented by the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides, University of Idaho Extension and Idaho State Department of Agriculture through the Idaho Preferred program.
Growing Out of Winter - Feb 07, 2013 - Purple Sage Farms
This past weekend we attended the Grower’s Own Conference at the College of Idaho in Caldwell. It was put on by the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP) and some other sponsors with a lot of hard work from Jennifer Miller and Beth Rasgorshek.
Stories from the Field: Breeding Seeds of Success - Oct 18, 2012 - National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
Due to Congressional inaction, the 2008 Farm Bill has expired without a new bill or extension to take its place. In the absence of a farm bill, numerous innovative programs that invest in sustainable agriculture systems are shut down and left without funding.
Schools must adopt new plans to reduce pesticide use - Jun 21, 2012 - The Portland Tribune
Starting next week, Oregon schools must develop new “integrated pest management” plans, which are designed to reduce the use of toxic chemicals for pest control.
Pesticides and Schools - Jun 15, 2012 - Jefferson Public Radio
In two weeks, every school district in Oregon will be required to have a plan in place to reduce pesticide use, to limit exposure to students. The districts have had plenty of time to get ready, but there are still many details to address. Josh Vincent of the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides is working with districts to help them get plans in place.
The Politics of Pesticides - May 24, 2012 - Sierra Club
Sierra Club Many Rivers Group Presents: "Pesticides, People & Politics" with Josh Vincent of the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides
Feds say 3 pesticides harmful to salmon - Apr 09, 2012 - Associated Press
A draft federal evaluation has found that three more common pesticides used on home lawns and agricultural crops jeopardize the survival of West Coast salmon.
Modern Day "Silent Spring" Author to Visit Oregon - Mar 19, 2012 - The Lund Report
Sandra Steingraber gives a free talk from 7 to 9 p.m. on Thursday, April 5 at the Old Church, 1422 S.W. 11th Ave. in Portland. “She’s been a frontrunner in talking about the health issues of pesticides and making it accessible for the general public,” NCAP's Josh Vincent said.
Mummy Berry Workshop - Feb 09, 2012 - Fruit Grower Report
Blueberry farmers are always concerned about something called mummy berry. Jennifer Miller, Sustainable Agriculture Associate with the Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides, explains at the problem.
Organic Farmers Share Tips at Conference - Feb 03, 2012 - KMVT (Twin Falls, ID)
Dozens of farmers from around the state gathered at the College of Southern Idaho today for the annual Grower's Own Conference.”
Pesticide Use: Consider Collateral Damage - Feb 02, 2012 - If Nature Could Talk
Check alternatives to pesticides and when necessary, use them cautiously. Their use causes damage to beneficial insects and other critters, and potentially for you.
Judge Rules Salmon Entitled to Protection From Pesticides - Nov 02, 2011 - Environmental News Service
A federal judge has upheld measures required to protect endangered salmon and steelhead from three toxic pesticides.
Everett Neighborhood Experiments with Pesticide Free Park - Aug 22, 2011 - the Everett Herald
Megan Dunn's anti-chemical crusade began after she spotted masked workers spraying at the park near her home in the Lowell neighborhood.
Roundup: A Wake-up Call on Pesticide Regulation - Jul 10, 2011 - The Oregonian
In the June 20 editorial "Re-evaluate Roundup," the Oregonian editorial board exposes a potential risk posed by the pesticides our government regulates.
Organic Farming Market Conference - Dec 03, 2010 - KMVT Idaho: Rise and Shine
The event will take place Wednesday, December 7 at the Historic Ballroom in Downtown Twin Falls. Registration is $50 dollars for both days and $35 for one day.
New lawsuit seeks to protect fish - Dec 01, 2010 - Register Guard
Conservation and fishing groups want a temporary ban on six commonly used insecticides.
Meeting expounds on organic marketing - Nov 11, 2010 - Capital Press
Two-day conference helps farmers sharpen skills
Research Targets Potato Beetle - Nov 04, 2010 - Capital Press
Two-year study will target the pest in organic potatoes.
Groups threaten lawsuit over EPA failure to implement salmon BiOp - Oct 29, 2010 - Pesticide and Toxic Chemical News
Environmental and wildlife groups are threatening to sue EPA for failing to implement steps to protect endangered Pacific salmon and steelhead species from the effects of six pesticides.
Hoop House Subsidies Come to Idaho - Sep 02, 2010 - Capital Press
State belatedly joins cost-share program for organic farmers
State report: Prevention at source is best way to keep pollutants out of Oregon waters - Jun 02, 2010 - The Washington Examiner
Aimee Code, of the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides, said the ambitious undertaking should have been done at the federal level. "I am really pleased with how DEQ took this on," she said. "They are focusing on solving the problem, not cleaning up the effects of the problem."
Fields of Yellow and Green - Jun 01, 2010 - American Farmland Magazine, Summer 2010
Cover Crops Help Idaho’s Potato and Sugar Beet Farmers Go Natural
EPA Restricts Pesticides to Protect Salmon - May 25, 2010 - The Epoch Times
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is gearing up to enforce new label restrictions on three chemicals to prevent their use near salmon habitats in California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, after chemical manufactures refused to voluntarily comply with the EPA’s initial label request.
Portland's Chemical-free parks effort in danger of withering - May 22, 2010 - Oregon Live
Most Portlanders will tell you they want pesticides banned from parks. They want native plants in greenspaces where children, pets and wildlife can roam safely. But when it's time to set aside chemical sprays such as Roundup and spend hours weeding, only a handful of residents stand ready with rakes and shovels.
Parks, playgrounds, picnic areas and pesticides - May 19, 2010 - Ashland Daily Tidings
Most Portlanders will tell you they want pesticides banned from parks. They want native plants in greenspaces where children, pets and wildlife can roam safely. But when it's time to set aside chemical sprays such as Roundup and spend hours weeding, only a handful of residents stand ready with rakes and shovels.
Goats clear weeds the green way - Mar 15, 2010 - The Bulletin
Powell Butte business uses 400 animals to tidy up fields without chemicals
Potato conference highlights new research in organic variety differences - Mar 09, 2010 - eSpudman
University of Idaho researchers Amber Moore and Nora Olsen along with Jen Miller, sustainable agriculture coordinator for the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides, presented on fertilizing techniques utilizing dried distillers grains, promising varieties based on 2009 results and funding sources for current organic farmers and those in transition to organic production.
Idaho organic farmers have a chance for a federal boost - Mar 04, 2010 - Idaho Statesmen
About 148,000 acres are dedicated to organic production in Idaho, making it the 8th highest state in the nation, according to the 2008 Organic Production Survey of the USDA Census of Agriculture.
Organic farming 'Grower's Own Conference' to be held in Twin Falls Idaho - Jan 18, 2010 - Ag Weekly
Certified organic farmers and others using organic methods are invited to attend a conference in Twin Falls, Idaho on Feb.12-13. The Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides is hosting the Grower's Own Conference.