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"The Polluters" Coming to Oregon

Mar 02, 2011

Josh Vincent, NCAP, 541 344 5044 x 22

Eugene, OR - Benjamin Ross, environmental scientist and author of The Polluters, will be giving a talk and book signing at Cozmic Pizza on Tuesday, April 12 at 7pm. Books will be available for sale at the event, the proceeds of which will benefit the event's sponsor, Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP). 

In chronicling the rise of the chemical industry in the United States, The Polluters illuminates the crucial decisions that shaped how our political and regulatory systems manage public health and environmental issues. It highlights the earliest industry leaders and describes how they applied their economic power to prevent the creation of a truly protective system of environmental regulation. It also reveals how science was subverted to serve the interests of business through slanted research, suppressed discoveries and political influence. The story of The Polluters is one that must be told, offering a new and detailed history of chemical pollution and an industry's unwillingness to take responsibility for it.

Benjamin Ross is President of the Washington consulting firm, Disposal Safety, Inc. As an environmental scientist and commentator on current affairs, he has served on committees of the National Academy of Sciences and the US EPA Science Advisory Board.