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  • commented on Grasshoppers 2017-07-12 15:02:50 -0700
    Great suggestions that are pesticide free however I had two quick questions. One, it would be helpful if you had a link to any website that sells the need oil And a little more information about Nemo oil such as long-term use where to dispose of it properly, is it harmful to dogs or cats, etc. Number two, in reference to the jars why must you dig a hole? Is it to keep the jar from tipping over? I have a very full garden which is why I ask and the spaces that are filled with flowers are spaces for me to step so it would be difficult for me to dig a hole. On the jar, does it have to be glass or can a plastic peanut butter jar work? lastly the wording on the mixture for the molasses and water was a bit confusing I’m assuming it’s 10 parts water to one part molasses ? Thank you for your time and help!