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I think Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides is ahead of the game when it comes to keeping people safe in today's world. I fully support their mission and I think they do a great job of furthering it. People are asleep when it comes to just how harmful pesticides are in today's environment. It's time we get our voice out there and put a stop to this.

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  • commented on Cleaner Water for a Keen Sense of Smell 2017-08-29 14:25:16 -0700
    I just pledged to be an advocate on behalf of my employer for cleaner water in our schools out here in Arizona. It actually blows my mind that such a huge problem even exists in our society today. How could this be allowed to happen in the first place?? Our children are the future of our country. We have to make sure they are healthy first and foremost. This is absurd to me, and I will be doing my part to effect change out here in AZ to start with. I hope anyone else reading this post and my comment will make the decision to do the same! We all have a role to play, and if we don’t play ours, nothing will change.

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    I just joined up! I will definitely be doing my part to spread the word about the dangers of pesticides out here in Arizona. On behalf of my employer I will be advocating for better water and air quality in schools as my top priority. I believe it starts with taking care of the kids first. I can’t believe there are schools out there testing positive for lead in the water! That is beyond just being a problem. It’s a VERY BIG problem that needs to be addressed ASAP.

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    Glad to join the team. Let’s put a stop to this stuff!

    Join the Healthy Schools Action Team

    The goal of the action team is to build a support base of 500 or more concerned parents, family members and residents who will mobilize and take action to organize healthier, pesticide-free schools.

    Become part of our team to help assist Healthy Schools and Healthy Kids by taking this pledge of support.  By signing up you will receive: 

    • Pride that you are helping students and employees--we’ll share a final list with legislators who are making decisions on community health
    • NCAP Monthly Newsletter (includes updates on the Health People and Communities program)
    • Emails on developments specific to your area
    • Opportunities to engage in a campaign to reduce pesticide exposure (such as an invitation to a school weeding party, links to send an email to a school board or legislator or other nearby efforts)

     Don’t worry; you can opt out of these notices at any time.

    Sign the Pledge and Join the Healthy Schools Action Team:

    "In order to perform their best, all students need a healthy school environment. Children need protection from chemical exposure because they are more susceptible to the detrimental effects of pesticides than adults. Since their physiology is developing, pesticides can disrupt natural growth processes resulting in long term negative health effects.  Reducing pesticide use in schools improves indoor air quality, improves test scores and reduces absenteeism; it can save district money and promote a healthier overall environment. I pledge to support Healthy Schools and Healthy Kids!"