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Action Alert: Save Healthy Food and Farms

by Josh Vincent — last modified Oct 26, 2011 01:13 PM
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Act now to defend organic and conservation programs within the Food and Farm Bill!

Ag Action Alert


Congress now plans to complete the 2012 Food and Farm Bill by next week. It is critical that you call and urge them to defend organic programs that reduce pesticide use and protect our soil and water.


Talk to a person, or leave a message, BUT PLEASE MAKE CONTACT!

The Points to Make Are Simple:

  • I am your constituent.
  • I have heard the Agriculture Committees are trying to write the farm bill this week, behind closed doors.
  • I urge Senator _____/Representative _____ to speak out and oppose any farm bill deal that makes big cuts to organic and conservation programs.

Background information:

Every 5 years we have the opportunity to transform our food and farm system through the federal farm bill.

Last week, the Agriculture Committee leadership proposed to rewrite the food and farm bill in just 2 weeks. And behind closed doors! This is extremely fast – most farm bills take more than a year and involve public input.

Leaders of the Agriculture Committees have proposed wiping out more than 40% of the funding increases for conservation and environmental initiatives achieved in the last two farm bills.

Find more information at the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition.