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2013 Rachel Carson Awards

by Josh Vincent — last modified Oct 17, 2013 07:26 PM

Each year at Healthy Harvest, we recognize a special activist who's work on pesticide issues has made a significant difference in their community. This year the award went to not one, but TWO very special people.

Join us in congratulating (and thanking!) Jen and Doug Hornaday, our 2013 Rachel Carson Award winners, for their crucial work protecting bees.

2013 RC Award

From Left: Kim Leval, Sara Nienaber, Doug Hornaday, and Jen Hornaday

The Hornadays have worked tirelessly to protect bees in Eugene, Oregon by recovering swarms, caring for numerous bee hives around town, encouraging others to do the same, and showing them how to do it. 

Their Healthy Bees-Healthy Gardens project educates the community about how to maintain healthy, pesticide-free environments that allow bees to thrive, their persistent and attentive community activism has produced real reductions in how and where certain pesticides are used in parks and natural areas throughout Eugene. 

They've worked with NCAP to organize volunteer workdays that help keep parks maintained without pesticides; they've partnered with other local beekeepers in a campaign to get businesses to display cautionary signage alongside pesticide products that are known to be harmful to bees; and in August, they organized a free event that brought together beekeepers, conservationists, and pesticide activists for an afternoon of sharing and learning about bee conservation.

Great work Jen and Doug! Thank you.