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Colony Collapse Disorder in the Pacific Northwest

by aseligmann — last modified Jul 23, 2010 04:13 PM

When it comes to growing food crops,the function of honeybees is necessary to plant pollination, providing a key function in the food chain. In the past few years their populations have been declining at astonishing rates.

Honeybee and Lavendar

    What has been dubbed “Colony Collapse Disorder” has been a growing concern among scientists and beekeepers. According to naturalist David Mizejewski with the National Wildlife Federation, the mysterious disappearance of bees is attributed to pesticides, parasitic mites and habitat loss.


     The state of Idaho is significantly impacted, as it is a major bee supplier for California almonds, Washington apples, and local vegetable crops. The pollination industry is a large part of the agricultural economy.


  Mizejewski recommends we grow bee-friendly plants at home without using pesticides to assure the survival of honeybees.

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