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Congrats 2011 Rachel Carson Award Winners!

by Josh Vincent — last modified Oct 20, 2011 05:53 PM

We are proud to honor the people in our community whose efforts have resulted in more pesticide awareness, and less pesticide use. Here's a look at this year's Rachel Carson Award winners and their many accomplishments.

Jon Wild RC Award 2011

Jon Wild is a property manager with Home Forward which provides affordable housing throughout the city of Portland.

When rats, roaches and bed bugs move in, many property managers turn to pesticides. This often results in human exposures due to chemicals being over used or applied improperly. But Jon has taken special steps to address bed bugs and other problems with an alternatives-based approach that minimizes pesticide use and protects the health of his residents.

Jon's achievements include: using heat and cold probes to treat bed bug infestations entirely without pesticides; working with NCAP and partners to examine and improve Home Forward’s integrated pest management policy; educating his staff about pesticides and alternatives; educating residents about the risks of pesticides and how to avoid using them; and finally, for severe infestations, using a least-toxic, cedar-based solution instead of conventional chemicals. Congrats Jon!

Kathryn Goldman

Kathryn Goldman is a conservationist, activist and campaign director in Idaho. After working with a land trust to reduce residential pesticide use along the Big Wood River, she began organizing with Pesticide Action Network of Blaine County to create new policies promoting alternatives to pesticides in public spaces where kids play.

Beginning last fall with a small group of community backers, she has rapidly built a wide and popular movement to reduce pesticide use in the valley. In April, she succeeded in getting the city of Ketchum to adopt a city-wide policy ending the use of organophosphate and carbamate pesticides, carcinogens and endocrine disruptors on city property. That same policy also designates many areas as completely pesticide-free.

She is now currently campaigning to expand the policy valley-wide. Go Kathryn!

Dahinda Meda Award 2011

Dahinda Meda received special recognition as the recipient of NCAP's  Rachel Carson Lifetime Achievement Award.

A powerful advocate for environmental and social justice, Dahinda has been an activist and an innovator for over 6 decades. In 1969, he helped finance litigation which spurred the newly formed Environmental Protection Agency to cancel DDT.  In the 1980s he began farming organic blueberries, starting Royal Blue Organics and the first all-organic, fair trade coffee company in the U.S., Café Mam.  He served as an NCAP board member for 15 years, and as a member for more than twice that long.

He has dedicated his personal life and his businesses to protecting people and the environment. He has also supported NCAP's work with his time, his energy, and with over a quarter of a million dollars over the years. For his invaluable contribution, we are ever grateful. Thank you Dahinda, and keep on doing what you do!