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Hobo Spiders

by Jennifer Snyder — last modified Oct 15, 2013 02:25 PM
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Think you have a hobo spider? It’s possible, but not likely.

There are at least two common ground spiders in the Pacific Northwest that are frequently mistaken for a hobo spider: the barn-weaving funnel spider, Tegeneria domestica (more predominant east of the Cascades) and the giant house spider,Tegeneria gigantea (more predominant west of the Cascades).  

Barn Weaving Funnel Spider 

Barn Weaving Funnel Spider (Tegeneria domestica)

Giant House Spider

Giant House Spider (Tegeneria gigantea)

The hobo spider, Tegeneria agrestis, is typically outnumbered by these two spiders. While it can be difficult to positively identify a Hobo Spider (usually requiring a magnifying glass or a jeweler's loop) it may be simpler to determine that your spider is not a Hobo Spider by performing some quick observations. This article describes how: 

How to identify (or misidentify) the hobo spider
by Rick Vetter and Art Antonelli