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Teresa DeAnda Receives Inaugural Community Hero Award

by Katie Kis — last modified Apr 19, 2013 01:09 PM
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NCAP's first ever Community Hero Award goes to Teresa DeAnda of California for her innovative and effective efforts to protect her community from pesticides.

Teresa DeAnda Video

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For years, pesticide clouds drifted into Teresa's home and the homes of her family and neighbors in California's heavily agricultural Central Valley. None of them thought they could protect themselves; incidents and exposures, both in-home and outside, persisted despite their pleas to the farmers and local government officials. When a metam sodium drift led to people being publicly hosed off in a school parking lot, with emergency responders forcing many of them to strip down, Teresa had had enough. 

As the first-ever winner of our Community Hero Award, Teresa channels her compassion for her community members and frustration at their plight into a fight for change. When they thought no one could help them, she started finding ways to empower them to help themselves. At the same time, she advocated for large-scale, legislative commitments that hold companies and government agencies accountable for respecting her community and their right to a healthy environment.

Congratulations to Teresa for being a true community hero!