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The Latest News

Worker Protection Revisions Need Your Input!
Currently the EPA is looking for public input concerning the revisions. Comments must be received before June 17, 2014.
Cockroach Prevention
Did you know that the Northwest has at least five known cockroach types? Learn more about them and how to prevent them without chemicals.
Idaho Farmer-to-Farmer Exchange Honors Pioneers
Farmers committed to organic and sustainable agriculture aren’t the new kids on the block, anymore.
Managing Mummy Berry and Spotted Wings in Blueberries
Plump, juicy blueberries are a nutritious and tasty treat, well loved by children and adults, alike. Two pests also find these berries to be a great food source, thus creating challenges for farmers.
Annual Report 2012-2013
See what we've been up to all year, and what we have planned for 2014! NCAP's 2012-2013 Annual Report is now available.