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Organophosphate Exposure Linked to Attention Difficulties
A new study links prenatal exposure to organophosphate pesticides to attention deficit disorders in children.
Toolbox Tip: Bed Bugs
Non-chemical ways to prevent and treat bed bug infestations
Join the Ladybug Lovely
Ladybugs are great at protecting our gardens from pests and pesticides. The same can be said for NCAP members who join the Ladybug Lovely monthly giving program.
Chlorphyrifos and Children
Most of you have probably eaten a Washington-grown apple. But you probably didn't know that most of these apple trees are literally blasted with insecticides that are harmful to the nervous system (including the brain!). One of these insecticides – a well-studied chemical called chlorpyrifos – was banned for use in homes because of its high risk to children. But there are still children who are being exposed to this chemical - the children in farming communities where your apples and other foods are grown
Getting Community Mosquito Control Programs to Adopt the Best Policies
West Nile virus is a fact of life in most parts of the United States. The risks of infection can be serious, although these risks are much lower than influenza and food-borne diseases. Community mosquito control programs aim to reduce the risks of West Nile virus.