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2011 Grower's Own Conference
Mixture of Corn Pesticides Harms Frogs
Tyrone Hayes an amphibian biologist at the University of California, jolted the pesticide industry when he demonstrated that tiny amounts of the widely used herbicide atrazine cause tadpoles' sexual development to go awry. Now he and his research team have published another important finding: a mixture of pesticides often used when growing corn in the Midwest causes more problems for frogs, again at stunningly low concentrations.
Pesticides Linked to Allergic Asthma in Farm Women
A recent study of adult-onset asthma in farm women shows that allergic asthma may be linked to using pesticides. Many studies have looked at respiratory hazards of farming activities for men, but there is little research on respiratory risks to farm women.
Autism Linked to Maternal Exposure to Pesticides
A new study on children born in California's Central Valley suggests that autism in those children might be linked to prenatal exposure to two insecticides used on fields near their mothers' homes.
Pregnancy-Related Diabetes Linked to Pesticide Exposure
Diabetes during pregnancy has been linked to pesticide exposure, according to a March 2007 study.