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Autism Linked to Maternal Exposure to Pesticides
A new study on children born in California's Central Valley suggests that autism in those children might be linked to prenatal exposure to two insecticides used on fields near their mothers' homes.
Pregnancy-Related Diabetes Linked to Pesticide Exposure
Diabetes during pregnancy has been linked to pesticide exposure, according to a March 2007 study.
Childhood Lukemia Linked to Insecticide Use
Leukemia is the most common cancer in children. In a recent study, French scientists found that children with acute leukemia were more likely to have been exposed to household pesticides.
Oregon Study Finds Pesticides in River and Drinking Water
A recent U.S. Geological Survey study reported that some pesticides discovered in Oregon's lower Clackamas River have made their way into municipal drinking water.
Atrazine and Frogs
Atrazine, the number two agricultural herbicide in America, may be a major player in the decline of the northern leopard frog, according to research recently published in the journal Nature.