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Is Your Strawberry Shortcake Toxic?
Sign the Petition to Keep Methyl Iodide off Your Strawberries! Strawberries usually mean sweetness and summer, but unless we speak up, strawberry production in California could become better known for causing cancer, birth defects and miscarriages. California is considering allowing the use of a highly toxic chemical on strawberry fields. This affects all of us, since 90% of U.S. strawberries are grown in California . Can you take action to stop the use of methyl iodide for strawberries?
EPA Forced to Review Pesticide Testing on Humans
It sounds like a horror movie, but unfortunately it is all true. Industry thinks it is okay to test pesticides and their toxicity on actual human subjects. Literally, humans were being used as lab rats for the industry to spray these poisons directly on their skin, walking into vapor chambers filled with the pesticides and more. However, the EPA is now taking action to eliminate this terrible practice.
Save the Organic Certification Cost-Share Program
Take Action! Save the Organic Certification Cost-Share Program. This important program assists small and mid-size farmers with defraying some of the costs of the organic certification process. H.R. 5326 is a threat to this program.
Calling all photographers!
We need your help to show the world how beautiful pesticide-free parks really are!
Environmental Contaminants Have a Strong Link to Cancer
The President's Cancer Panel Report highlights that environmental contaminants have a stronger link to cancer risk than previously understood.