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Hobo Spiders
Think you have a hobo spider? It’s possible, but not likely.
Wood River Organics Field Day Recap
Judd McMahan of Wood River Organics in Bellevue, Idaho hosted a farm tour for 35 farmers and community members in late July.
Study Finds Pesticides in "Bee-Friendly" Plants
Plants marketed as "bee-friendly" by many home and garden stores may actually contain neonicotinoid pesticides, according to a study released today by Friends of the Earth (FOE).
Help Phase Out Sulfuryl Flouride!
Industry lobbyists have secured a provision in the House Appropriations Bill for 2014 that effectively eliminates the EPA's plan to phase out the dangerous fumigant sulfuryl fluoride. Please urge your representative to strike this language.
Recap: Purple Sage Farms
Tim and Mike Sommer of Purple Sage Farms in Middleton, Idaho hosted NCAP’s first field day for the season.