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The Latest News

Winter Pest-Proofing
Out of sight, but not out of mind… While you may see fewer pests during fall and winter, it is a perfect time of year to exclude their access to the indoors.
Support Grows for Pollinator Protection Amendment in Farm Bill
A group of 58 organizations and businesses sent a letter to Congress this morning urging support for the Hastings pollinator protection amendment to the Farm Bill.
2013 Rachel Carson Awards
Each year at Healthy Harvest, we recognize a special activist who's work on pesticide issues has made a significant difference in their community. This year the award went to not one, but TWO very special people.
Hobo Spiders
Think you have a hobo spider? It’s possible, but not likely.
Wood River Organics Field Day Recap
Judd McMahan of Wood River Organics in Bellevue, Idaho hosted a farm tour for 35 farmers and community members in late July.