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Letter to the White House Urging Suspension of Neonicotinoid Pesticides
In coalition with allied environmental health and conservation groups, NCAP is urging the White House to direct EPA to suspend registration for neonicotinoid pesticides and perform immediate further review of their risks.
Pesticide Exposure, Farmworker Rights, and Immigration Reform
A look at how policy change on immigration can benefit farmworkers and the future of sustainable agriculture.
Federal Scientists Say EPA Should Look Closer at Pesticides
The National Research Council recently issued a report recommending that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) do more to ensure that pesticides do not harm threatened and endangered fish and wildlife.
Backwash: The New Old Attack on Clean Water
Politicians from both camps are again attempting to eliminate permitting requirements for pesticide applications in or near waterways.
Scouting for Mummy Berry Disease
This video demonstrates how to inspect blueberry plants for signs of mummy berry disease. Annual scouting is a crucial part of preventing and managing mummy berry disease in blueberries.