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House Farm Bill Seeks to Lift Crucial Environmental Safeguards
Sections 10016 and 10017 of the House version of the farm bill would undermine longstanding safeguards designed to protect water, people, and wildlife from the impacts of pesticides.
A Small Dose of Toxicology
Steven Gilbert's excellent book, A Small Dose of Toxicology, is now available in its 2nd edition as a free download.
The Next Rachel Carson?
A poem on nature and pesticides by 6 year old NCAP supporter Haylee-Ann.
Integrated Pest Management Prevents Toxic Exposures at Oregon Schools
Students aren't the only ones moving on to new things this summer. Oregon schools must comply with a new IPM law by July 1.
Senate Amendments to the Farm Bill: The Good and The Bad
What you should know about several forthcoming Food and Farm Bill amendments.