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Footage Released from Toxics On Trial!
Full video of an experts' panel on legal legacies in pesticide reform, presented by NCAP at the 2012 University of Oregon Public Interest Environmental Law Conference.
Sustainable Landscaping Educational Series for McKenzie Residents
Schedule and details for an upcoming series of sustainable landscaping workshops offered for resident's along the McKenzie river.
A brief summary of the risks found in the Biological Opinion
On March 30, 2012 the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) released a draft Biological Opinion evaluating the risk of three herbicides - oryzalin, pendimethalin and trifluralin - on threatened and endangered Pacific salmon and steelhead. Below is a short summary of NMFS’s findings.
Fisheries Service Finds Three Herbicides Imperil West Coast Salmon
The detailed analysis highlights failings in EPA's current regulation of pesticides.
Multiple Failings in EPA’s Pesticide Regulation Exposed by Analysis of Herbicides Risk to Salmon