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The Latest News

Four Things for the Farm Bill
Recommendations to the Joint Select Committee on the Imminent 2012 Farm Bill Proposal, courtesy of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition.
Natural Aphid Predators: Lacewing Larvae
NCAP volunteer Genealle Visagorskis reflects on the symbiotic relationship between gardeners and lacewing larvae.
GE Deregulation Hearing Comes to Corvallis
The USDA/APHIS is holding a public hearing on deregulating genetically engineered 'Roundup Ready' sugarbeets in Corvallis, OR on November 17th.
Federal Judge Upholds Salmon Protections: A Big Win for Fish, Rivers, and People
Today, a federal judge upheld measures required to protect endangered salmon and steelhead from three highly toxic pesticides. The protections were included in a biological opinion issued by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) in 2008. Pesticide manufacturers seeking to overturn those protections challenged NMFS’s findings, but the court squarely rejected their challenges.
Action Alert: Save Healthy Food and Farms
Act now to defend organic and conservation programs within the Food and Farm Bill!