Thank the Washington State Capitol Grounds Crew

(photo courtesy Neil Harris, taken March 31, 2017)

Thank you for your interest, but we have closed signatures and delivered them to the Olympia Capitol groundskeepers. See press coverage of this effort here and here!

You can send your own thank you note to the following address:

Brent Chapman and Staff
Washington State Department of Enterprise Services
PO Box 41401
Olympia, WA 98504-1401

Thank you, groundskeepers!

In response to ‘dandelion-gate,’ when senators spent over 20 minutes discussing and complaining about the presence of dandelions on the Olympia Capitol Campus grounds, we’ve written a thank you note to the hardworking grounds crew staff. They have been trying so hard to keep up with all the spring flowers without using pesticides! The Capitol crew has been experimenting with natural and sustainable landscaping, including organic weed control, repurposed compost and leaves used to enrich and activate soils, cardboard and wood chip layers used to suppress unwanted growth, and planting drought tolerate native plants for habitat. These changes make the area a safe and healthy environment for everyone!

Please sign this virtual thank you card and share with friends on social media. We will collect signatures until May 8, 2017 and then deliver to the groundskeeping staff.

dandeliontycard.jpgThe Capitol campus is noticeably full of spring flowers, healthy grass and historic trees!

We appreciate the hard work of the campus grounds crew and the landscapers, horticulturists, arborists, weed pullers, garbage collectors, custodians, and all the workers who take care of Olympia’s incredible and picturesque campus grounds.

Your natural and sustainable efforts make the area a safe and healthy environment for everyone–from senators to pollinators to kids to fish downstream. We appreciate your forward thinking, implementing new landscaping and turf care that reflects our values to end a reliance on harmful chemical pesticides.

Thank you to the hardworking crew at the capitol!

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  • Julianne Moore
    signed 2017-04-25 23:06:29 -0700
  • Jody Sheridan
    signed 2017-04-25 22:55:08 -0700
    Thanks everyone, the Capitol campus always looks wonderful, and as an Olympia resident, it’s always inviting.
  • Eliza Rankin
    signed 2017-04-25 22:38:45 -0700
    Thank you for caring for our state capital!
  • Sandra Hilzendeger
    signed 2017-04-25 22:30:30 -0700
  • Fred Peers
    signed via 2017-04-25 22:29:41 -0700
    Dandelions are the first source of pollen and nectar for a lot of native pollinators. Now with our first bumblebee being listed as endangered we need to rethink the use of certain chemicals.
  • Laurie Dils
    signed 2017-04-25 22:23:52 -0700
    So many benefits of this sustainable approach and bees need the dandelions more than we need a perfect capital lawn!
  • Rebecca Farvour
    signed 2017-04-25 22:18:27 -0700
    Thank you for standing up for the environment when some politicians are trying to tear it down!
  • Laura Adriance
    signed 2017-04-25 22:16:00 -0700
  • Diana Alfonso
    signed 2017-04-25 21:59:39 -0700
    Thanks for your hard work!
  • Carl Elliott
    signed 2017-04-25 21:57:31 -0700
    Good job grounds crew
  • Penny Skinner
    signed 2017-04-25 21:43:41 -0700
  • becky stephens
    signed 2017-04-25 21:34:17 -0700
    becky k stephens
  • Kathleen Heiman
    signed 2017-04-25 21:23:20 -0700
  • Lisa Yeeles
    signed 2017-04-25 21:01:02 -0700
    Thank you so much for embracing natural and native landscape care ! You are setting an amazing example for Washingtonians
  • Bob Covington
    signed 2017-04-25 20:54:05 -0700
    Enterprise Services Grounds Team members are exceptional and dedicated employees that are committed to serving the citizens of Washington State. Thank each and every one of you!
  • Margaret Frost
    signed 2017-04-25 20:50:29 -0700
    Prefer the natural look. Thanks.
  • Eleanor Robb
    signed 2017-04-25 20:49:10 -0700
    Thank you for keeping us safe by not using dangerous chemicals on our earth!

    Ellie (age 9)
  • Mark Doerr
    signed 2017-04-25 20:48:26 -0700
  • Linda Gower
    signed 2017-04-25 20:47:30 -0700
    I love that you are making the area more sustainable and healthy for everyone! Big, huge thanks for that.
  • Melanie Triebel
    signed 2017-04-25 20:40:09 -0700
    We love your sustainable gardening! We know *you can’t tell the legislators where to stick their complaints, but we’ll do it for you. Keep up the great work!
  • Gail Ostheller
    signed 2017-04-25 20:12:18 -0700
    Thank you for using more natural methods of weed control rather than using pesticides and herbicides. Fewer chemicals leaching into the environment is a win for every Washington resident, human or non-human!
  • Kerry Freeman
    signed 2017-04-25 19:46:32 -0700
    Thank You Groundskeepers for all you do!
  • Sally DeGarmo
    signed 2017-04-25 19:33:34 -0700
    All that work is much appreciated. Thank you!
  • Sean Dannen
    signed 2017-04-25 19:29:25 -0700
  • Jean Lindholm
    signed via 2017-04-25 19:25:21 -0700
  • Tawnya Bissell
    signed 2017-04-25 19:24:27 -0700
    thank you for pesticide-free beauty!
  • Jeanne Whalen
    signed 2017-04-25 19:23:01 -0700
    You guys are wonderful!!!
  • Mary Lyons
    signed 2017-04-25 19:05:09 -0700
    Thank you for making me proud to be a Washingtonian!

    Mary L. Lyons
  • Wendy Zieve
    signed 2017-04-25 18:48:11 -0700
  • Eric Larsen
    signed 2017-04-25 18:38:51 -0700
    I appreciate what you folks do on the capitol campus. Keep up the good and healthy work!