Urge EPA to Ban Chlorpyrifos

Airplane spraying pesticides over farm field

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Chlorpyrifos belongs to a nerve-agent class of pesticides called organophosphates that are associated with human health impacts. Of particular concern are neurodevelopmental harms in children and increased toxicological effects for farm workers due to frequent or prolonged exposure. It is a serious factor in the decline of endangered salmon. In the EPA's proposed interim registration review decision, the agency is proposing to allow numerous uses of chlorpyrifos to continue, thereby prolonging harmful exposure to children, farm workers, endangered species, and the environment. Tell the EPA you want chlorpyrifos banned!

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I submit the following comments for OPP Docket # EPA-HQ-OPP-2008-0850. The proposed interim decision on chlorpyrifos fails to protect the health of farm workers, children and endangered salmon from a pesticide that is widely recognized as unsafe. 

Under the law, EPA must find reasonable certainty of no harm to children from pesticides. It cannot make this finding for any use of chlorpyrifos on food. EPA’s own 2016 risk assessment found that in an average diet children ages one to two consume chlorpyrifos in food at levels 140 times their “safe” level. 

EPA must also ensure that pesticides do not jeopardize the survival of endangered species. National Marine Fisheries Service found in their 2017 Biological Opinion that chlorpyrifos is likely to jeopardize the survival and recovery of all listed salmon and steelhead in Oregon, Washington and California.

I urge the EPA to initiate the cancellation process for chlorpyrifos to end all uses of this neurotoxic pesticide. Only banning the pesticide can truly protect children, farm workers, and the environment.

Read NCAP's Comment Letter Here for more details on how EPA's chlorpyrifos assessment is flawed and under-protective.