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Our Mission: The Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides works to protect community and environmental health and inspire the use of ecologically sound solutions to reduce the use of pesticides.

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    NCAP Gives Thanks for Farmers

    By Teresa Miller, NCAP Supporter During this season of thanksgiving, NCAP gives thanks for the farmers, farmworkers, and food advocates who help nourish our communities. Farming and food service represent difficult, demanding industries with slim margins. We’re particularly thankful for those who, despite the pressures to replace human labor with chemical inputs, continue to grow and serve food with an emphasis on human health and environmental sustainability.
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    EPA Rollbacks Chip Away at Protections from Pesticides

    You’ve likely seen the news over the past several months about U.S. Environmental Protection Agency actions that undermine environmental protections, rather than strengthen them. NCAP is disturbed by this incongruous pattern. In this article we spotlight the many actions the EPA has recently taken to deregulate human and environmental protections from toxic pesticides. While federal action can put communities at great risk of harm from pesticides, we also want to showcase wins at the state level that have improved community protections and share what action you can take for this important cause.
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