Pesticide-Free Pledge

Pesticides are agents (including insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides) that are designed to kill living organisms. But they don't just kill the "pest," they can harm other creatures, too. Many common chemical pesticides are dangerous and can cause ill health effects in people, pets and wildlife when exposure occurs. Over time, repeated or severe exposures can lead to serious illnesses, cancer and birth defects.

Take the Pesticide-Free Pledge to keep your home, yard and garden free from toxic pesticides!

Most issues that you encounter in your home, yard or garden can be avoided or solved using ecological alternatives. That means being pesticide-free isn't just better for the environment, it's also easy!

We are conducting a Pesticide-Free Neighborhoods project, starting in Oregon City. If you are an Oregon City resident, we'll provide you with a Pesticide-Free Zone ladybug sign simply for taking the pledge. We will contact you to coordinate delivery once you have signed the pledge below. Able to help with the project? We need volunteers! Come join our efforts to talk to as many Oregon City households as we can! There is an orientation party on January 26, 11am-1pm at the Oregon City Library, snacks provided. 606 John Adams St, Oregon City, OR 97045. RSVP for the orientation at Call Sharon at 503-704-0327 for more information.

Let the community know you took the pesticide-free pledge! Post a photo of your yard with the hashtag #pesticidefreepledge

"To help protect the environment, my health, and the health of others, I pledge to avoid using synthetic pesticides in my home, yard and garden."

266 pledges
5,000 pledge goal

Will you pledge?

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  • Dianne Ensign
    endorsed 2015-07-08 07:10:57 -0700
  • katie lynch
    endorsed 2015-06-30 10:19:43 -0700
    It is so obvious that a toxic-free world is in ALL our best interests, i just marvel that we have to create pledges for this. Thank you for doing this work and raising awareness.
  • Janet Vieth
    endorsed 2015-06-27 20:15:29 -0700
  • Donna Conrad
    endorsed 2015-06-26 14:04:03 -0700
  • D Weiner
    endorsed 2015-06-26 07:18:42 -0700
  • Deb Skinner
    endorsed 2015-06-23 23:03:28 -0700
    The only thing I want to wash off my garden is bird droppings and the little bit of dirt that splashes when I water.
  • Deb Skinner
    endorsed 2015-06-23 22:57:24 -0700
    The only thing I want to wash off my garden is bird droppings and the little bit of dirt that splashes when I water.
  • Leda Hermecz
    endorsed 2015-06-23 22:25:06 -0700
  • Claire lichtenfels
    endorsed 2015-06-23 21:27:01 -0700
  • Dennis Morgan
    endorsed 2015-06-23 21:08:03 -0700
  • Elki Powers
    endorsed 2015-06-23 15:42:34 -0700
  • I. Taylor
    endorsed 2015-06-23 15:18:34 -0700
    So glad you keep going……Maybe one day we’ll be chemical free!
  • M. Keene Hueftle
    endorsed 2015-06-23 14:32:49 -0700
    keep up yur vital work -

  • Norm Brown
    endorsed 2015-06-23 14:07:29 -0700
    Thanks for all your work to increase awareness of this important issue
  • Diane Watkins
    endorsed 2015-06-23 13:02:24 -0700
  • Jane Lloyd
    endorsed 2015-06-23 12:31:13 -0700
    Love you guys! Thank you‼️😊
  • Dan Kent
    endorsed 2015-06-23 12:25:52 -0700
    Pesticide-free for clean rivers!
  • satyaban sahu
    endorsed 2015-06-19 10:19:46 -0700
  • Dan Farquhar
    endorsed 2015-06-16 09:15:25 -0700
    Soon the earth will become saturated with harmful chemicals! Why continue with business as usual? Soon it may be too late!
  • V Livingston
    endorsed 2015-06-13 12:06:52 -0700
  • Tasch Court
    endorsed 2015-06-06 04:51:33 -0700
  • Katie Purtill
    endorsed 2015-06-04 23:53:50 -0700
  • Ashley Chesser
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-06-04 19:15:51 -0700
    I just took the Pesticide-Free Pledge! Join me in making safer, healthier communities!
  • Shelly Connor
    endorsed 2015-06-03 20:28:01 -0700
  • Hilary Dearborn
    endorsed 2015-06-03 17:43:29 -0700
  • Hudson Tyler
    endorsed 2015-06-03 15:35:26 -0700
  • Jennifer Cole
    endorsed 2015-06-03 15:22:54 -0700
  • Jeremy Olsen
    endorsed 2015-06-03 15:18:06 -0700
    NCAP is the best!
  • Lise Olney
    endorsed 2015-06-03 15:06:55 -0700
  • Jacob Vankeirsbilck
    endorsed 2015-06-03 14:32:37 -0700