Pest & Weed Management Consultation

Got pest or weed problems?

We provide pest and weed control consultations to help you identify and successfully utilize pesticide-free strategies.

We understand that if you have a pest or weed problem at your home or business, you want to deal with it effectively but have concerns about chemical products. Searching the web for "natural" or "DIY" solutions can result in many results that can be overwhelming, confusing or ineffective. NCAP has a wealth of evidence-based knowledge, scientific resources and connections to help you manage your pest or weed problems. Our experienced staff will work hard to provide you with meaningful information and resources, as well as followup to ensure your success.

How it works:

  1. Fill out the short form below. Look out for an EMAIL from NCAP in the coming days, to get your consultation scheduled.

  2. Quote: "I was very impressed by NCAP's quick reply for a narrow timeline.  Sharalyn talked with me to understand the situation, and invested time reading and commenting on the conservation easement amidst her other imminent work." -Marisa

    Meet via phone or video call for up to 30 minutes with one of our experienced staff members. We’ll answer your questions, share resources, tips and tricks specific to your pest/weed problems. 

  3. You’ll receive a follow up email with notes from your session, additional resources, and a link to make payment to NCAP for this service.

Our consultations are offered at a sliding scale rate of $25 to $75 (or more).This fee pays for the time that NCAP staff spend researching your pest or weed issue, in addition to the time spent talking with you. We are confident that you will find value in your experience! Our staff will follow up your session with an email that includes additional resources and a link to provide payment. Note that more extensive problems may require a larger payment to cover staff time.