Pesticide-Free Food & Farming

Expanding organic and spray-free farming is critical to addressing the climate crisis and passing on ecological resistance systems to our children. We work with a variety of stakeholders to remove barriers communities face to accessing culturally relevant spray free foods, whether that’s supporting new farmers, establishing new markets, or pursuing new least toxic alternatives. Our team also provides invertebrate habitat restoration services. We strive to help co-create equitable climate resilient food and fiber local and regional networks that are not reliant upon the use of toxic pesticides.

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Pink coneflowers with yellow flowers and green leaves in background, with text in bold overlaid: Pollinator & Beneficial Insect Habitat
Lush green field with rows of crops and two people standing working in the middle, with large text overlaid: Living Wage for Farmers
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Closeup of large, round blueberries and green plant leaves behind, overlaid with large text: Pesticide-Free Strategies for Farms
We can also provide support for trialling new farming techniques (i.e. intercropping, cover cropping, crop rotations diversification, etc.) or crop specific pest management challenges. 

Please contact our Program Manager with any questions or if you're interested in working with us: Christina Stucker-Gassi, [email protected]541-344-5044 ext. 33.