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Neonicotinoids, a class of pesticide extremely toxic to bees and other pollinators, are often used in the production of ornamental trees, shrubs, and flowers commonly purchased for home and business landscaping. The chemical, called a ‘systemic,’ moves throughout the entire plant, making pollen and nectar in flowers toxic. NCAP researched Oregon and Washington nurseries to discover the ones growing neonic-free and abstaining from the sale of neonics. Please vote with your dollar by supporting these nurseries. If you know of other neonic-free nurseries, please tell us so we can expand our list throughout the Northwest Region! Email:

Retailers Selling Neonic-Free Plants

This list contains retailers who sell only neonic-free ornamental plants. Also included with a note are retailers who carry some neonic-free plants and identify them through signage or labeling, and retailers who offer at least two-thirds of their stock as neonic-free and can readily identify this stock to customers. NCAP determined nursery suitability for this list based on self-reported information obtained from nursery representatives. Surveys and interviews with nursery representatives were conducted between 2015-2017. NCAP has not independently verified the absence of neonicotinoids in plants from these nurseries via laboratory analysis. 


Applegate Nursery 225 Powell Creek Road Williams OR 541-659-0183
Bosky Dell Natives 23311 SW Bosky Dell Ln West Linn OR 503-638-5945

Cornell Farm

Cornell Farms grows 2/3 of the stock offered in the retail store, all of it neonic-free. Sells one product containing neonics in houseplants section.

8212 SW Barnes Rd Portland OR 503-292-9895
Dancing Oaks Nursery 17900 Priem Rd Monmouth OR 503-838-6058
Doak Creek Native Plant Nursery 83331 Jackson Marlow Rd Eugene OR 541-484-9206
Fern Hill Nursery & Botanical Sanctuary 78703 Echo Hollow Ln Cottage Grove OR 541-942-3118

Garden Fever!

Garden Fever! Identifies all the suppliers who grow neonic-free with informative signs in the shop and with a yellow Pollinator-Friendly plant tags.

3433 NE 24th Ave Portland OR 503-287-3200
Garden Thyme Nursery 4177 Cascade Highway NE Silverton OR 503-551-1875
Jockey Hill Nursery 33284 Hillcrest Dr Scappoose OR 503-543-2614
Naomi's Organic Farm Supply 2615 SE Schiller St Portland OR 503-517-8551
NatureLee Inspired 1142 Upper River Rd Gold Hill OR 541-324-8107
The Plant Connection 858 Neil Creek Road Ashland OR 541-482-6114
Plant Oregon 8677 Wagner Creek Rd Talent OR 541-535-3531

Schreiner's Iris Gardens

Schreiner's irises are neonic-free but they do use neonics on azaleas at their display gardens.

3625 Quinaby Rd NE Salem OR 503-393-3232

Shooting Star Nursery

More than 2/3 of the stock offered for retail sale is neonic-free, according to the owner of Shooting Star Nursery.

3223 Taylor Rd Central Point OR 541-840-6453
Skyline Nursery 24655 NW Dixie Mountain Rd North Plains OR 503-621-3434
Willamette Gardens 3290 SW Willamette Avenue Corvallis OR 541-990-0948
Xera Plants 11220 SW Tonquin Rd Sherwood OR 503-612-9950


Gardensphere 3310 N Proctor Tacoma WA 253-761-7936
 Lebec Oaks Lavender, LLC  84 Walter Way  Forks WA  
 Lee Farm and Nursery  1720 Redmond-Fall City Rd SE  Fall City WA  
 Woodbrook Native Plant Nursery  5919 78th Ave NW Gig Harbor WA  253-857-6808

Wholesalers Growing Only Neonic-Free Plants

These wholesalers do not use neonics on their plants. Choose these at your local retailer when you can. And tell your retailer you'd like to see them carrying more ornamental flowering plants from these suppliers!


Balance Restoration Nursery, LLC Lorane OR 541-942-5530 
Beaverlake Nursery Beavercreek OR 503-632-4787 
Blooming Advantage Cornelius OR 503-357-2904
Bosky Dell Natives West Linn OR 503-638-5945
Cedarglen Floral Company Damascus OR 503-658-3370
Champoeg Nursery Aurora OR 503-678-6348
Dancing Oaks Nursery Monmouth OR 503-838-6058
Doak Creek Native Plant Nursery Eugene OR 541-484-9206
Fern Hill Nursery & Botanical Sanctuary Cottage Grove OR 541-942-3118
Garden Thyme Nursery Silverton OR 503-551-1875
Heritage Seedlings, Inc. Salem OR 503-585-9835
Jockey Hill Nursery Scappoose OR 503-543-2614
Log House Plants Cottage Grove OR 541-942-2288
Northwoods Nursery Molalla OR 503-651-3727
Plant Oregon Talent OR 541-535-3531
Scholls Valley Native Nursery, LLC Tigard OR 503-624-1766 
Schreiner's Iris Gardens Salem OR 503-393-3232
Seattle Native Plants Burien OR 206-953-7313
Seven Oaks Native Nursery Albany  OR 541-757-6520
Willamette Gardens Corvallis OR 541-990-0948
Xera Plants Sherwood OR 503-612-9950


Amro Nurseries Shelton WA 360-490-0466 
Fir Run Nursery Orting WA 253-229-7952
Green City, Inc Rention WA 425-228-6488
Lawyer Nursery, Inc. Olympia WA 800-551-9875
Lee Farm and Nursery Fall City WA 425-531-1331
Perennial Pleasures Bow WA 360-766-6584
Robinwood Nursery Vashon WA 206-463-5115
Skagit Gardents Mt. Vernon WA 360-424-6144
WACD Plant Materials Center Bow WA 360-757-1094
Wild Bird Bamboo Friday Harbor WA 360-378-2924
Windy Meadow Nursery Ferndale WA 360-384-5348
Woodbrook Native Plant Nursery Gig Harbor WA 253-857-6808


Is your nursery neonic-free? Use the nursery card below to ask before you buy and let us know what you find out!


Looking for nurseries growing neonic-free garden plants elsewhere in the country?
Check out Friends of the Earth and Beyond Pesticides.

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  • Kris Driessen
    commented 2016-09-05 17:05:05 -0700
    Gertens is neonicotinoid free, Minnesota. Lowe’s is working on it, but won’t be for 4 yrs. They are to label the nicotinoids though. I would hope everyone becomes neonic-free, especially the Walmarts, Home Depots, and Menards. I have not noticed as many bees this summer!