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NCAP keeps a close eye on opportunities to influence policies and make change in other ways. Join us in taking action to support healthy people and the environment!

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Group of people standing in a semi-circle looking up at a speaker in a room with a presentation on the wall, with text: Events
Light brown puppy dog sitting in green grass with yellow dandelions, overlaid with a yellow heart and white text: Take the Pesticide-Free Pledge!
Two people sitting on the ground next to a big tree and on the grass, digging and weeding, with text: Volunteer
Many colorful potted flower plants at a nursery, with text: Shop At Neonic-Free Nurseries
Dome of a white capitol building with pink cherry blossoms on tree in front, and text: Policy Priorities
Two people in front of a green lawn with white capitol building and background, holding up signs, with text: Action Alerts