Managing Pests & Weeds

NCAP works to reduce pesticide use at the local, regional and national levels through policy change, advocacy and education. On our website you will find general assistance for reducing pest problems in your home or garden. Browse the materials in the links below, or Search Our Site. Also read our Pest Management Guide for a step-by-step process for dealing with pests.

For expert advice tailored to your pest or weed issues, check out our sliding scale Pest and Weed Management Consultation services.

Common Pests

How to manage infestations inside or outside of your home, and tips for eliminating the conditions that allow undesirable insects and rodents to thrive.

Common Weeds & Diseases

Information on how to effectively prevent weed problems in your lawn, flower beds and shrub beds, and ecological approaches for managing existing weed problems. Also includes some fungi and other diseases that damage plants.

Pesticide Factsheets

View our fact sheets with information on common pesticides. Note that NCAP cannot provide legal assistance or advise on pesticide application. 

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For Farmers & Nursery Growers

Resources specifically for farmers and nursery growers (click the heading above): how to manage various pests and weeds, and how to create on-farm habitat for wildlife.