Managing Pests & Weeds

NCAP works to reduce pesticide use at the local, regional and national levels through policy change, advocacy and education. On our website you will find general assistance for reducing pest problems in your home or garden. Browse the materials in the links below, or Search Our Site. Also read our Pest Management Guide for a step-by-step process for dealing with pests.

Click below to access pest and weed management resources:

White paper sticky bug trap with several dead black ants, and text: Manage Pests
Brownish grass lawn with two bright yellow flatweed flowers and green leaves, with text: Manage Weeds & Plant Diseases
Person with long sleeves and cap standing in a green grass field holding long stick/beam and spraying pesticides, with text: Facts About Common Pesticides
Green farm fields with partly snowy mountains and bright blue sky in background, with red barn buildings, and text: Resources for Farmers & Nurseries
For expert advice tailored to your pest or weed issues, check out our sliding scale Pest and Weed Management Consultation services.