Business League Membership

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NCAP partners with businesses from across the country that care about creating a healthy and sustainable world. The NCAP Business League is committed to letting customers, neighbors and the public know that a healthy environment is good for business. By joining today, you can add your voice to the many businesses already committed to protecting community and environmental health and thus creating a strong economy.

CLICK HERE TO ENROLL or contact Andrea Stapleton: [email protected] or 541-344-5044 x119. See the benefits of joining the Business League Here.

Thank you to our Business League Members!

Rachel Carson Circle ($10,000+):


Square with white background and Cafe Mam logo with rainbow colored stripes between Mam in large red letters, with red coffee plant branch
Square with white background and graphic of a big yellow and black striped honeybee with wings, with large black text: Glorybee Save the Bee

Wild Salmon Society ($5,000+):


Square with white background and mountain rose herbs written in brown lowercase, with brown mountain drawing behind

Swallowtail Butterfly Guild ($2,500+):


Square with white background and vertical red rectangle with large white blocky letters: CLIF
Square with white background, black circle with a letter "i" in the middle and black text: Sorenson Law Office, FOIA Law

Lacewing Alliance ($1,000+):


Square with white background and brown drawing of moon face, two birds, leaves and flowers, with text below: Moon Valley Organics
Square with white background, black line circle with flowers and leaves drawn inside and text: Pacific Botanicals
Square with white background and brightly colored drawings in center of a sun, carrot, apple, tomato, kale, radish, ladybug and a green hoe, with text in green around: Organically Grown Co

Praying Mantis Club ($500+):


Square with white background and a black drawing of a pyramid with an arc above it, and text in bold: CHAPUL FARMS
Square with white background, yellow sun drawing at top and dark red outline of a rounded square with text: Green Living, a Practical Journal for Mindful Living

Honeybee Hive ($250+):


Square with white background and blue lettering: The Corson & Johnson Law Firm

Advocates for Alternatives ($100 to $249):

Cameron Winery

Bluebird Grain Farms

FARE Idaho

Gaia Landscapes

Garden Fever!

Jim Morris Environmental T-Shirt Co.

Oakshire Brewing

Pest and Pollinator