Healthy Homes & Yards

Whether maintaining a lawn or dealing with ants in your kitchen, toxic pesticides are often the go-to in everyday life. NCAP provides people with science-based information for dealing with pests and weeds without the use of toxic chemicals. We mobilize people to advocate for pesticide reforms in their communities and at the state and federal levels.

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White sticky paper trap filled with dead black ants, with text: Find Resources for Pests and Weeds
Large yellow sunflower with bee in center with smaller flowers behind, with bright blue sky and text: Watch How To Create Healthy Habitat
Closeup of large green leaves filled with dozens of small, bright orange bugs and text: Read Our Pest Management Guide
Closeup of two hands with garden gloves on holding dead plants/weeds, with text: Get Expert Advice for Your Tough Issues
Four bright red and white bottles of Roundup spray on a store shelf with text: Read Our Guide On Glyphosate
Two people outside shoveling a large pile of green grass into the trailer of a blue truck, with text: How to Choose a Landscaping Company
Tall brick and stone apartment building with text: Tenants' Guide to Pest Management
Two white adults kneeling on the floor of a home pointing to something, one of them wearing a mask and other PPE, with text: How to Choose a Pest Control Company