Eastern Oregon CBOs and residents urge authorities to address groundwater contamination

Photo: 4/23/2024 - Ana Elisa Wilson, Healthy Communities and Environment Co-Manager at NCAP, was a part of the conversation with Gov. Kotek and other State officials and representatives of different local CBOs.   (By Tommy Díaz, Healthy People & Communities Program Manager) Boardman, OR, March 2024 - With the mission of addressing Eastern Oregon’s long standing groundwater contamination problem, State and Federal officials met a month ago with regional community based organizations and community members for roundtable discussions. For Governor Tina Kotek and Casey Sixkiller, regional administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, this meeting was also intended to follow up on this problem since it was declared an emergency in 2022. Continue reading

FEAST: Community Programs for Latinx People in Central Oregon

(By Tommy Díaz, Healthy People & Communities Program Manager) NCAP, Oregon Food Bank and the hispanic community in Morrow County establish the creation of food security programs.. The new projects will have the goal of improving Latinx folks’ access to healthy foods in Morrow County. NCAP will lead the charge along with partners like the Morrow Health Department, the Migrant Education Program and Oregon State University’s Food Hero Program. Continue reading

Protecting Idahoans from Pesticide Industry Influence

(By Christina Stucker-Gassi, Healthy Food and Farms Program Manager) I come from an Idaho farm family and have become a US pesticide policy expert. It is my job to lay bare the industry motives behind House Bill 653 and urge our supporters to actively oppose it.This bill would shield pesticide manufacturers from lawsuits when users of their products are injured. Legislation like this is popping up around the country and is unfair to people who have been harmed, despite their compliance with product labels.   Continue reading

EPA Landscaper Workshops Recap

(By Sharalyn Peterson, Healthy Wildlife & Water Program Manager) The Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP), under contract with the City of Gresham and Oregon Metro, are conducting professionally led landscaper workshops. Working with 8 Latinx landscaping businesses, these workshops promote best practices for pesticide reduction, and the education of human and environmental pesticide risks in Multnomah and Clackamas County. Continue reading

The Impact of Deicer and Alternatives to Salt

(By Alisa Howell-Smith, Communications Manager) We have started experiencing some treacherous winter weather here in the Pacific Northwest, which means we are finding ways to combat snow and ice. Your first instinct might be to use salt to help defrost the ice in your driveway. But what about pickle juice? Because although salt may seem harmless, you may not be aware of the harm it could do to your pets, our water, and especially the environment. In this post we will go over the damage done by salt and environmentally friendly de-icing alternatives. Continue reading