NCAP has lots of science-based resources for how to manage pests and weeds without using toxic pesticides!

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Closeup of a large bright green leaf with many small, orange aphids covering it, with text: Identify & Manage Pests
Brownish grass lawn with two bright yellow flatweed flowers and green leaves, with text: Manage Weeds & Plant Diseases
Two hands with gardening gloves on holding out green weed plants, with text: Get Expert Advice For Your Tough Issues
Green farm field with a small airplane flying low overhead and spraying pesticides onto the field, with text: Tips If You've Been Exposed to Pesticides
Green farm fields with partly snowy mountains and bright blue sky in background, with red barn buildings, and text: Resources for Farmers & Nurseries
Large bright yellow sunflower with bee on brown center, with smaller sunflowers and blue sky in background, plus white circle and arrow "play" button, and text: Videos
Person with long sleeves and cap standing in a green grass field holding long stick/beam and spraying pesticides, with text: Facts About Common Pesticides
Two colorful large cans and two bottles/jugs of various pesticide chemicals, with text: Intro to Pesticides & FAQs
White background with colorful images of various print publications and video screenshot, with text: Other Publications
For expert advice on your pest or weed issues, check out our Pest and Weed Management Consultation services!