I've Been Exposed to Pesticides

Airplane spraying over field of crops

We are sorry to hear you experienced pesticide drift from a neighbor or were exposed to a pesticide spray. While we are not able to provide health or legal advice, we can provide the following information to help. 

1. Seek Medical Help

If there is a medical emergency (for example if the person is unconscious, having trouble breathing or having convulsions), call 911.

Poison Control Centers provide free, 24-hour professional medical advice for poison-related situations including pesticides. Call the Poison Control Center at 800-222-1222. 

Contact your primary care provider if you experience any health effects, including but not limited to nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. For some pesticides, antidotes can be administered. Contact the party responsible and ask what chemicals were used (in some cases more than one pesticide may be used). 

For a non-emergency situation that does not require immediate medical help, here is a summary of recommendations from the Oregon Health Authority

  1. Wash off the pesticide.
  2. Warn others in the area.
  3. If an outdoor pesticide release is ongoing, shut all windows and doors and turn of the AC/HVAC system and leave the area. If indoors, leave the building. For either, take pets if you can.
  4. Write down what happened.
  5. Report the incident. 

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2. Report the Incident

Contact your state's Department of Agriculture to notify them of your concerns: 

For more information in Oregon, visit these websites:
For more information in Washington, visit these websites:
For more information in Idaho, visit these websites:

3. Seek Legal Assistance

NCAP cannot provide legal advice in dealing with aerial or other sprays, so we recommend that you contact your state's bar association if you wish to pursue legal help: 

You can also find a wealth of information on the National Pesticide Information Center website, including for states outside the Pacific Northwest.